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Victor Check Valves set Regulator To Hose NOTE For use with B Hose fittings only Easily mounts on outlet bushing of any regulator having a B Size outlet. This model has a flow capacity of 1200 SCFH at 50 PSIG when installed on a regulator. The Check Valve is to easy to see and is less subject to contamination abuse and damage. For regulator to hose applications Victor Check Valves guard against danger caused by plugged tips over pressurizing or incorrect startup procedures. Proper Check Valve installation helps prevent accidents caused by gases mixing in hoses regulators or cylinders. Note Check valves do not stop flashbacks. Features Meet or exceed CGA and OSHA requirements Pamphlet CGA E2 Flows for cutting up to 12 of steel Machined high quality brass with stainless steel operating spring and valve disc Low open close pressures 3 oz. open valve and 10 oz. reverse pressure to positively close valve 100 tested and UL Listed Made in U.S.A. Pressure ratings Oxygen To 125 PSIG 860 kPa Fuel Gas To 50 PSIG 345 kPa Check Valve Seat Material B Size Models Buna N